Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

Scheduling your Instagram posts is sometimes a daunting task. I’m sure we’ve all had those moment where we look at our Instagram feed and we take a look at the photos we want to post and they don’t match your theme. Trust me– I’ve been there many times.

I have posted a photo and then glance at my feed and it looks like a sore thumb– and then I delete it. We all know the worst thing we can do is delete a photo. What will our following think? They will know that I made a mistake!

To avoid this problem it’s best to schedule your posts with app’s that allow you to see how it will look with your current feed before you post. Lets start with a non-traditional scheduling app called VSCO.


img_6562   img_6561  img_6558

VSCO Cam is definitely my go-to for editing my photos as well as making the coloring match my Instagram theme– with the added bonus of being able to see how your images will look right next to one another. A lot of bloggers use this app because their filters are amazing and make your photos look more professional. Check out this app if you haven’t!

The scheduling app that I’ve used is UNUM. This app actually shows you analytics from your Instagram account and allows you to rearrange un-posted images. You are also able to see how your feed would look if you deleted some bad photos from previous posts. Just in case you change your mind about keeping it in your feed.


Overall these two app have served me the best when trying to make sure I’m posting content that is cohesive with my theme. I hope these app suggestions help you out and your able to plan out your feed and leave the guessing out of the question!

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