Instagram Growth And How To Standing Out On Social Media


Instagram growth and standing out on social media gets harder every day. Recently I’ve been getting some social media questions– so I thought I’d write up some helpful tips on the subject!

We’ve all thought about this some time or another while scrolling through the Instagram explorer page. Do people see my photos on here or not? Well, the answer is, they do– but if your photo isn’t getting a whole lot of engagement then it’s quickly falling off that explore page– off your followers feed– and unseen by new people!

Quality over Quantity

We’ve all been there– where we are thinking to ourselves “Should I post this photo?” If your second guessing yourself then chances are that you shouldn’t post that picture or video. To keep it pretty simple– you don’t want to post low quality photos at all. That’s not going to help your page, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or your website. It doesn’t look professional or like your taking the time to actually provide quality for your audience.

The quality you can get on an iPhone is impeccable now-at-days and there is sort of no excuse with all the electronics we have at our fingertips — so don’t disappoint your audience with low quality content!


Eye Catching

When your producing content think about what your photographing, filming or writing! If you want more engagement on your content make sure it will grab a viewers attention. That could be colors that draw more attention (blue is one of those colors) and making your subject the focal point of the image or video. When it comes to what your writing– make it engaging! Asking questions and being more relatable makes people stop at your post to read it, and it also makes them feel more inclined to answer or tell you their point of view. Try it out and see the response!

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Paying To Be Seen

If you’ve seen that little pop up on your feed that says “promote” under your post, then you know what I’m talking about. I would rather buy a new pair of shoes instead of paying for promotions but this can definitely boost your engagement and audience if done right! I know a lot of us don’t really want to spend when it comes to promoting your Instagram or Youtube videos but if your serious about your business, this really helps to boost your digital media visibility. Social media is definitely not going away any time soon!

Hope these tips help you guys out. I’ve learned what I know from other influencers and research I do on my own– I’ve implemented these changes on my own social platforms and I’ve definitely seen the results from these tactics. I wouldn’t recommend something that I haven’t done myself! Try these out guys!


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