Confidence In 2018

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Confidence is key this year. It’s a new year and we need a positive mindset going forward! I wanted to give you guys some of my thoughts on this new year and how we all can turn things around in 2018!

Don’t Care

I feel like it’s time for us to stop caring about what people think. Its first of all — so time-consuming, distracting, and un-motivating when we care so much about what others think. This year I am definitely going to proceed unapologetically with everything that I do. We all have that little voice in us that says “Are you sure” and we need to completely ignore those thoughts and move forward with our ideas and passions! No one decides what is normal anymore. I’m going to decide whats normal for myself – and I hope you guys do too!

My Own Time

With social media being such a huge source of information — it has such an influence when it comes to our thoughts and mindset. Researchers say that us millennials have the worst self-confidence in history! In a way it’s true – we constantly compare ourselves to other people we follow and what they are doing – that it makes us look at our lives as insufficient. It’s sad but I’ve fallen victim of this many times (even today, eek!)

What we need to do is remember that these photos and videos we see are just a small fraction of these peoples lives. We all have our own moments, our own journey, and story to tell. I’m going to just live my life, and not feel bad that I’m on my couch editing a video – meanwhile, someone else is posting a picture in Greece! I bet they were on the couch when they posted that photo too!


Being Honest

Being completely transparent is a very hard thing for anyone to do. Nowadays we all seem to have our guard up and a limitation on how much we are willing to share. This definitely has to change for me in 2018. I really want to show people that my journey and what I post every single day is not always perfect.

Sometimes I struggle with “What to post?” or “What would people like to see a video on and what will get more views?” Of course, in my line of work that does matter to an extent, but sometimes people just want to know what your thinking and not always what your wearing.

The Hate

Recently, I got some hate on a few of my youtube videos, SMH — I’ll be HONEST, got me a little triggered — but remembering that I’m in control empowered me more than lashing out. I’m just not allowing any more negativity on any of my platforms. It’s something I don’t agree with — there’s enough of it in the world — so why let it happen to me! Delete and block! That’s what is going to happen.

Luckily I have a very thick skin and it doesn’t bother me — I’ve been teased my whole life, so to me — the haters are not being very original — been there, heard that. I just feel for the people that these trolls really are affecting and how hurtful that can be to someone who just posted something that they are very passionate about! (The video I got hate on was about turning your hair green for a day — haha ) This behavior is unacceptable and needs to change — which is why we need to be HONEST and shut these trolls down!

Let’s try and implement these changes in our mindset and I bet 2018+ will be a lot more enjoyable guys!


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