Best Apps To Edit Instagram Photos

This is a question I get all the time, so I thought I would answer it today. There are many apps to edit your Instagram and website photos, but there are a few that are the best and some that many of us Instagramer’s use most often. I am going to list them in the order that I use them to edit. Left is BEFORE and right is AFTER.


img_5308                     img_5309.png

I open my photo in SNAPSEED first because I like to brighten certain parts of the photo and get rid of some color in other areas. I usually lower the saturation in the sky, surrounding buildings, and objects like mailboxes and such. It makes me and my outfit stand out in the photo and makes everything else more muted. This app also exports your photo in it’s original high resolution format.


img_5312                img_5311

I open my photo in FACETUNE next because its also exports in the original high resolution format, which is great! I like to use this app to sharpen small details like my outfit, shoes, whiten parts of my outfit that don’t look bright enough, and get rid of a breakouts and such.


img_5308  img_5310

This is the last app I use. This app does export in a lower resolution format which is why I opt for this app as my final edit. I usually use the same filter on every photo I post. This keeps my feed looking more cohesive. I’ll throw some other filters on it as well and sharpen my photo in this app since it’s better to sharpen it on VSCO instead of on Instagram. (Gets a little grainy if you sharpen it on Instagram.)

That’s all! These apps are so easy to use and very quick once you get a little system down. If your not used to editing just practice a little bit and you’ll get better as you go. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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