Update The Look Of Your Hair With Your Current HairStyle

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Are you tired of your hairstyle and look? I know, I’ve been there many times. I just get really bored with doing the same thing to my hair day in and day out. Finding the perfect hairstyle or changing it up can sometimes be a hard thing to decide. There are a few things to consider before completely changing your hair. These tips have helped me out in the past.


What’s The Situation?

Definitely, don’t pick a hairstyle that doesn’t fit your style. It sticks out like a sore thumb when you’re trying to be something you are not– so don’t go that route. Choose one based on your lifestyle, how much time you have to style your hair every day, and even where you work. Trust me, I changed my hair drastically once and got fired the next day…I guess a mohawk doesn’t always go over easy with employers. Haha!

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Part It

Sometimes when your hair isn’t doing what you want it to or it’s looking a bit too messy– I part it on the side and really define that part. Just take some pomade in your hands, rub it in and give yourself a side part. It really gives your hair a clean polished look when your hair is overgrown and not sleek.

Change Things Up

The last thing that helps is simply changing up products that you use. If you are getting bored with your style– it might be because you’re using the same product every day– which gives you the same look. Try a moose, hairspray, pomade, or hair gel/glue and it will change up the texture and look. This variety will give you a different look every day of the week!

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Get A Cut

One thing that helps me out when I’m feeling in a hair funk is to just make a trip to the salon and get a fresh cut with my current hairstyle. I really hate that in between length or grown outlook. I start to feel really messy and unkempt which makes me feel dirty, to be honest. So sometimes just trimming my sideburns or getting a trim takes that feeling away.

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Curling Iron? What!

Yes, hot tools can sometimes be your friend when you want to change the look of your hair. Just go grab your sister’s straightener/ curling iron or blow dryer like I have. Throw a few curls in the front of your hair for a surfer type of look, blow dry it for a sleek Calvin Klein look, or throw some natural waves in it with a flatiron. It’s really easy just don’t burn yourselves guys! Haha!

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