Thrifting Is A Broke Boys Best Friend

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Okay thrifting is not only for the broke boy or girl but it’s even for the stylish guy that likes to save a dime here and there. Especially after the holidays– a little savings does help me out when I’ve just spent on gifts and such. (Red top is thrifted)

High Expectations

Alright, so your not going to find something at every single thrift store you go to. You have to go thrifting with an open mind. You should expect to find something different at every browsing session. When I go I just like to see what works for me and think outside the box. I know so cliche!

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You Never Know

I think it’s always a good idea to try something on before you make a quick judgement. There have been many times when I didn’t like the way it looked on the rack, but when I tried it on it just worked! Something that has always helped me is to always wear some pieces that I can possibly wear with the items I might find. Neutral colors from your closet is always best. (Denim top is thrifted)

Where To Look

I usually use the good old neighborhood google to find local thrift shops and vintage clothing stores wherever I am at. If your in NYC you might want to try Beacon’s Closet off of 6th avenue near Union Square (Brooklyn location is great for unique finds), housing works locations closer to lower manhattan are great, and one of my favorites– Reminiscence off of 14th street and 5th avenue!





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