How To Look Expensive On A Budget


I know looking expensive is all about wearing designer clothing and having the best of everything but you can definitely look like you have the best even on a budget! Here are some tips that I use to look like a million bucks in my own way.

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Bargain Shopping

Finding deals and sales is not at all shameful. To be completely honest, most of the clothes I buy are either on sale or not expensive at all. I just look for items that give me the quality look that I want. When I’m shopping, I pay attention to the fabrics first. If it looks and feels cheap then it probably is. With time you will be able to differentiate that. Sometimes it’s a hit and miss with most brands. I’ve seen clothing at Saks Fifth Avenue men’s and found something similar down the street at TOPMAN– but of course way less!

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If you haven’t heard, shoes sometimes can make or break your outfit. If you have a good pair of shoes, sometimes it can be more forgiving overall. Most guys think that having one good pair of shoes is sufficient. If they are work shoes– then fine, but if you only have one pair for going out, then they will get worn out quickly. Especially if you’re in NYC!

If you want to look more expensive you have to at least have 3-4 pairs of shoes to alternate with. They should be a great quality to ensure they will last you a while. If you buy three shoes that are made cheap you will be throwing your money down the drain. Quality over quantity is always best.


Rich Colors

Not exactly what you think. Rich meaning, colors that blend well together. Neutrals, blacks, greys, and whites look best. You can add a pop of color here and there but keep it more subtle– like a blue shoe, army green top or jacket. When you look solid it’s always nice when one item or accessory pops!

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This sounds pretty simple but believe it or not, some struggle with it, but that’s okay! Make sure you wash well and use an exfoliating mitt to help with that (feels great in the shower by the way!) You can also use an affordable fragranced body wash like Crew body wash or apply a subtle fresh quality fragrance to make sure you build that reputation of always smelling great! If you need help with finding some affordable products to start you off with, shop below! Your welcome!

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