Cuff Rolling Jeans The Right Way


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I remember a long while back I wanted to cuff roll my jeans and it just felt strange when I did for the first time. I’m sure we’ve all felt this one time or another about a trend that we’ve tried out. I felt strange because I didn’t want to walk out the door and realize that they were rolled incorrectly– according to the trend. Thinking about my past struggle I thought I would show you how I roll mine based on the look I’m going for that particular day.

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The Double Cuff

This kind of cuff roll is the most common and is what most think of when you think of a rolled cuff. This is my go-to when I’m in a rush or when I just want a little ankle showing.  This is called the double roll because you only roll it twice. Make sure your pants are the right length for your legs in order for it to work.

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Scrunchy Stacked Cuff

This cuff is definitely best when you have a slim or skinny pant/jean on. It’s not the best look if your jeans are baggy– so make sure they are fitted. I usually like to wear this look when I have a military boot on or a high top. It makes my shoe and ankle look more rough and messy. Looks great with distressed high top boots/trainers or even a sleek shoe too!

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Deep Cuff

This cuff roll is a very particular type of cuff. I don’t do this very often but every now and then I might. Reason being is that it doesn’t seem to look good on everyone. It’s not flattering on a guy that has stockier legs– it adds a horizontal line to your ankle which sometimes shortens the legs. If your legs are long and thinner then this might look better. I’m in between so not my go-to but only when the look is right. Looks great with converse high tops or timberlands.

Definitely, pick cuff roll styles that you like best and fit your overall look!






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