Leather Jacket | Choosing The Right One

I remember I had a leather jacket about five years ago and I would wear it all the time! Unfortunately the quality and fit weren’t there at all, so I was devastated when I noticed it was peeling on the tight sleeves! Ha Ha! I told myself that the next time I got a leather jacket, I was going to make sure it was perfect for me and much better quality. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your next leather jacket.

Make Sure It Matches

In my case, I need to have a jacket that goes with black, grey, neutrals, and whites. I find it a little hard to match a jacket that is another color other than black. Black is such a staple color and honestly goes with everything. Sometimes a black leather jacket can complete a look if it seems to be missing an accessory.

Different Styles

A bomber style jacket or a double-rider motorcycle jacket like the one in this post really compliment me. If you have broad shoulders like I do, one of the two would suit you the best. I like to wear mine unzipped but sometimes it’s nice to zip it up when I want my outfit to look sleeker.


I always like to try on many leather jackets before choosing one because they will all have a different fit in the shoulders, chest, and arms. The sleeve length should not be any longer than the line of your wrist. Otherwise, it might look too small. Although, most motorcycle jackets may extend past the wrist for extra protection.

Make sure that when you’re trying on the jacket’s; that it has enough shoulder room for comfort and movement. Also, check that the jacket ends at your waist. I like how it flatters the physic and frames your upper body nicely. Jackets being too long will definitely look shapeless unless it’s a trench coat or lengthy winter coat.

I got my jacket at Zara.com. The quality is definitely nice and I love the feel of the fabric. Mine has a bit of stretch which is great when I’m traveling or running errands. The lining is amazingly comfortable too! Feels like luxurious silk! Shop some similar ones below!




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