Are You Using The Right Deodorant


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right deodorant that satisfies all your perspiration needs. The first thing that I had to realize is that there is a difference between a deodorant and a antiperspirant. Antiperspirant helps reduce sweat from your glans and preventing it from reaching your skin. Deodorant reduces odor by eliminating bacteria in sweat.

What’s Right For You?

In my case, I run hot and I usually try to always make sure I’m covered with a nice scented deodorant. I like to keep it simple so a deodorant is best for me rather than a antiperspirant. If you sweat excessively you might want to choose an antiperspirant since that can help reduce the sweat. When trying to choose one or the other– you might want to consider combo. Better to have the benefits of both since they both help with two different things.

Choosing Health Over Popularity

I used to use Degree deodorant, but over the years there has been more and more research done about the health risks of deodorants and how safe they might not be for our bodies. This type of health precaution has made me definitely consider deodorants that are more natural based and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Here are some natural based deodorants that I’ve found work for me.

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Honest Thoughts

The salt based deodorant definitely surprised me. It has no scent but for some reason gets rid of the odor caused by sweat. You give it a swipe under water and apply. I use that mostly during the winter.


In spring and summer I usually use Schmidts because it gives me a nice citrus or lavender scent (which I don’t mind at all– surprisingly!) and keeps me feeling fresh during the warmer months. When applying it– place it on your armpit for about 2-3 seconds and then rub it on. It has coconut oil, no aluminum, no propylene glycol, and no artificial fragrance. All natural!

If you sweat a lot then my suggestion is to definitely go with Schmidts all year round. Definitely do what’s best for you whether it’s natural or not. I like to explore natural products (which I think most people are doing nowadays) before I go with a generic brand.




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