How To Pack Your Luggage Like A Pro

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Packing. I know. It’s something that I usually put off till last minute. What keeps me from packing ahead of time is the headache of fitting everything into the suitcase. Well here are a few tips when your packing for a vacay, weekend get away or overnight business trip.

Picture This

You’ve reached your destination and your ready to go out and your back at square one! Trying to figure out what to wear. Trust me I’ve been there. Now at days I take photos of my outfits before I pack them. Yes it’s an extra step, but it will save you loads of time at the hotel and you will be able to match up each outfit with the activities you have planned.

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Choosing Sides

Most of us just throw our shoes in, zip it up and go; but then you open it up after you arrive and your shoes are all bent out of shape and some of your shoe dirt got on your new top. Most suitcases have separate sides that can help with shoes so make sure you utilize it. Also, stuff your shoes with your socks to keep their shape.

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Yes rolling your clothes saves lots of room and also keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled. I know, I didn’t believe that either until I tried it. Never going back to traditional folding again!

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I’m pretty particular about my hats getting crushed and my toiletry bag fitting in the carry on. I honestly don’t like taking several bags. It’s a pain. I’d rather have one carry on and one personal bag with all my electronics easily accessible.

To fit everything in; fill your hat with socks to keep shape or use the corner of your toiletry bag to keep its shape. If you have several– just stack them on top of one another.

Pack away!


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