Men’s Jewelry On A Budget

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Familiar Feeling

How I love a good piece of jewelry but sometimes it can be so expensive– you know that feeling when you pop into a trendy store– I won’t mention any names– and you see the piece you been looking for and you turn the tag and it says $45! Trust me, I know that feeling that comes over you– you start to ask yourself, “Is it really worth it” or “Do I really need it.” The answer is yes!– but maybe in a few weeks after you’ve recovered from that pricey purchase you made online last night.

Local Shops

Well not to worry, I got you covered. Some of the best places to find nice, unique, and inexpensive jewelry is probably right around the corner. To start, thrift shops are a good place to find a bargain. I found these pieces at a local thrift shop in NYC. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be in a city like NYC to find cool pieces. I was in Oklahoma for work I found the black magnetic bracelet at a thrift shop!

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Don’t Assume The Worst

I know some of us think, “big retailer, high prices for cheap looking product” but it’s not always the case. These pieces I found at H&M and they were actually pretty inexpensive. $9.99 for 10 pieces. I gifted some to my friend and kept 5 for myself! Sharing is caring!

Swap Meet Anyone?

We hear swap meet and I know your thinking, “Uh, I don’t know.” Stay with me though– some of my most unique pieces have come from swap meets or street vendors. These definitely catch the eye and are a conversation piece, trust me. The skeleton head ring especially. You have to admit that it’s pretty unique and it looks like it costs a fortune– especially when the light hits it just right. It was $8 bucks and the others were priced about the same! I can’t tell you where to get it exactly, but merely an example of the result from exploring a little further.

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Side Notes: Guys, don’t be afraid of looking for jewelry in the women’s section, I have, and I’ve found pieces that might look generic on a girl but interesting on a guy.

What side should a guy wear a bracelet: Watches are worn on your most dominate hand and bracelets go on the opposite side. If you don’t have a watch then wear your bracelet on your most dominate hand.

Here are a few different pieces that you can take a look at.


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